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2020-7-30 11:49


InterWork Alliance (IWA),已经成立了一个关注可持续性的组织,计划标准化标记化资产和多方合同,其最初的目标是标准化碳抵消。

该工作组由Digital Asset、埃森哲和CBLmarkets的子公司Xpansiv领导。CBLmarkets是一家从事碳补偿和水权交易的公司。



“尽管标记化能够加速气候行动,但碳信用额和碳抵消的审计问题迄今尚未解决。”IWA将通过开发一种解决方案来解决这一挑战,确保设计用于解决可持续性问题的令牌在业务层面上相互协作,而不考虑底层的技术平台,”IWA总裁Ron Resnick说。



与此同时,工作组成员还包括埃森accenture、Chainlink、Climate Chain Coalition、Digital Asset、微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)、纳斯达克(Nasdaq)、Neo Global Development、R3、SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)、Xpansiv等。



有很多重量级选手是件好事。但让我们感到困惑的是,我们没有看到任何我们期待的创业公司,如Everledger, Circulor, Energy Web Foundation, Power Ledger, LO3 Energy and Electron。我们联系了一对夫妇,但他们没有联系。所以我们问了IWA。





The InterWork Alliance (IWA), the group that plans to standardize tokenized assets and multi party contracts, has set up a group to focus on sustainability. The initial aim is to standardize carbon offsets.

The working group is led by Digital Asset, Accenture and Xpansiv, a subsidiary of CBLmarkets, a company that trades carbon offsets and water rights. 

As a first step, the group plans to address carbon credits, the process by which companies try to address carbon emissions. One kind of carbon credit involves companies buying carbon offsets, which fund projects to reduce emissions such as planting trees or electrification initiatives that encourage less open flame cooking and heating.

Some carbon offset projects also involve building solar farms and other renewable energy projects. However, carbon offsets measure carbon emissions saved, not to be confused with renewable energy certificates, which measure electricity.

“While tokenization has the power to accelerate climate action, the auditing of carbon credits and offsets has not been solved to date. The IWA will tackle this challenge by developing a solution that assures tokens designed to address sustainability are trusted to interwork on the business level, regardless of underlying technology platforms,” said IWA President Ron Resnick.

Some argue that offsets are not always beneficial. And the auditing is certainly a part of that. A recent ProPublica report found that some forests were cut down after receiving the offset funding. It gives an example of a forest that started selling credits in 2013 and satellite imagery four years later showed only half the area was still forested.

Where are the ESG blockchain startups?

Meanwhile, the working group members include Accenture, Chainlink, Climate Chain Coalition, Digital Asset, Microsoft Corp., Nasdaq, Neo Global Development, R3, SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), Xpansiv, and others.

We’d never previously heard of Xpansiv. While its parent CBLmarkets trades carbon offsets, we believe Xpansiv quantifies the environmental impact of producing commodities such as gas, but we’re not entirely sure because the website scored 10/10 for jargon.

The Climate Chain Coalition is an industry body that includes several of the startups we mentioned, including Xpansiv.

It’s good to have lots of heavyweight players. But we were puzzled that we didn’t see any of the startups in the space that we’d expect, such as Everledger, CirculorEnergy Web FoundationPower LedgerLO3 Energy and Electron. We contacted a couple, and they hadn’t been approached. So we asked the IWA.

“You had a lot of startups go after these spaces, and everyone’s sort of building these walled gardens that don’t match the buyers’ requirements,” said IWA Chair Marley Gray. “So we decided to back the bus up, and get everyone to agree on what a carbon credit is, how it’s structured and how we should then tokenize that.”

We’re unclear whether Xpansiv is one these startups or it’s included because it’s closer to the buyers. We’re also aware of at least two startups already working together on standards and interoperability – Circulor and Everledger.

While it’s entirely possible that each startup might have a different approach, perhaps by including more diverse perspectives and the reasons they adopted their methodologies could help towards an optimal standard. Especially given the ultimate goal of the group is a noble one.


来自: Ledger Insights